Positron-Helium Atom Excitation Using the Distorted Wave Method at Intermediate Impact Energy Range

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Author(s) William Ndeke
Pages 919-926
Volume 6
Issue 9
Date September, 2017
Keywords Excitation of Helium on Positron Impact Using a Distorted Wave Method

Positron-atom scattering provides an opportunity for positive-negative projectile comparison. This is because positrons are opposite sign to electron projectiles commonly used in scattering experiments. Calculations are done for cross-section for positron-helium scattering for the excitation of 11S to 21S state at impact energy range of 24eV-500eV using a distorted wave method. There is a systematic change on the angle-position of a dip with varying incident energy. The comparison made with the available theoretical results show interesting features of agreement at higher energies as well as disagreements as the impact energy is lowered. The observed agreement between calculated and experimental tread for the integral cross section results is encouraging.

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