Assessment of Tourists Experience of Tasting Local Snacks from Northern Nigeria

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Author(s) Eldah Ephraim Buba | Florence Elma Lagasi | Margaret Owosagba
Pages 856-861
Volume 6
Issue 6
Date June, 2017
Keywords Assessment, Tourists Experience, Local Snacks, Destination

Tourists leave their homes for destinations in search of new experience, they love to experience something they have never known or felt before. Many holiday makers do not put this into consideration while planning meals for tourists while in the destination. Some menus reflect what the tourists are used to eating at home offering nothing new in terms of food. The study was aimed at involving tourists in sensory evaluation of selected local snacks produced and consumed in northern Nigeria and also to examine tourists experience in consumption of the local snack in an authentic local setting. Survey method was used with questionnaire as the instrument. The questionnaire was used for the sensory evaluation of the five snacks to be tasted, the following attributes were assessed during the tasting; taste, colour, flavor, attractiveness, mouth feel, presentation and general acceptability. The second part of the questionnaire examined the tourists experience during the tasting of the snacks. 28 tourists both domestic and international were used for the tasting. Findings of the study show that three snacks (kwakumeti, alkaki and kantu) were generally accepted by the tourists. While the tourists found the taste of awara to be poor and kantu very poor. The study also reveals that local food experience is important to the tourists as its gives them excitement and more knowledge of the local host. The study recommended food and beverage providers in northern Nigeria to try and incorporate local snacks in their menu for tourists to enhance their experience of the food consumed by the people in the destination.

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