A Survey of Availability, Utilization and Maintenance of Biology Laboratory Equipment and Facilities in Secondary Schools in Sokoto State, Nigeria

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Author(s) Rabi Muhammad
Pages 662-668
Volume 6
Issue 1
Date January, 2017

The paper, Survey of availability, Utilization and maintenance of Biology laboratory equipment and facilities in secondary schools in Sokoto State examined the availability, use, and extent of maintenance of laboratory facilities in secondary schools in Sokoto State. Descriptive survey design was adopted for the study. A sample of 30 Senior Secondary Schools and 30 biology teachers was selected from the population of secondary schools in the state using stratified sampling technique. Four research questions were answered using observation schedule. Findings of the study indicated that most senior secondary schools in Sokoto State have no laboratories. Where they exist, they are poorly equipped. Teachers indicated reluctance and inability in conducting practical works using the few available laboratory facilities. Poor maintenance culture was also discovered among biology teachers in Sokoto state. It was recommended among others that science laboratories should be well equipped with relevant and modern facilities for effective teaching. Teachers should try to improvise using local materials, they should also develop maintenance culture to ensure longer life span of the few available facilities.

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