Proximate, Minerals and Amino Acid Profile of (Canarium Schweinfurthii) Seed Pulp

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Author(s) Ayoade G. W | Amoo I. A |Jabar J.M | Ojo A.M | Maduawuchi C.O
Pages 657-661
Volume 6
Issue 1
Date January, 2017
Keywords Proximate, Canarium Seed, Minerals, Amino Acids

The nutritional composition and amino acid profile of matured (Canarium schweinfurthii) seed pulp were evaluated using standard methods. The proximate composition (%) of the seed pulp showed moisture content (30.21), ash (1.86), fat (34.83), fibre (3.19), protein (12.67) and carbohydrate (17.24). Mineral contents (mg/100g) of the seed indicated; calcium (32.0), phosphorous (16.8), iron (5.6), sodium (15.3), potassium (21.4), magnesium (24.0), copper (2.1), manganese (0.3) and zinc (6.3), lead and cadmium were below the detection limit. Amino acid profile of seed pulp showed concentration of total amino acids of (83.01 g/100g protein), total essential amino acids (45.15 g/100g protein) and total non-essential amino acids (37.86 g/100g protein). The result of proximate composition of edible part of Canarium fruit revealed very high moisture content which may accelerate its susceptibility to microbial infection. The fruit had very low ash and fibre contents but contained appreciable amount of lipid, protein and carbohydrate. The seed also contained appreciable amount of nutritionally valuable minerals and amino acids as a food supplement. Due to its high content of fat, Canerium seed is a suitable source of edible oil, alternative source of energy and could be applicable in high-lipid foods such as margarine.

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