Vol. 6, No.2 February 2017

Pages 669-713

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Young Tourist Perspective On The Service Quality Of Star Hotel In Bogor Tourism Area – Indonesia Abstract Full Text
   Yohanes Sulistyadi | Fauziah Eddyono 669-677
- Effect of Cutting Parameters on the Surface Roughness Generated During Face Milling Of Pearlitic Ductile Iron with   Cemented Carbide Tool Abstract Full Text
   Ilori Olutosin O. | Adetan D. A. | Umoru L. E. | Idowu I. A. 678-688
- Effects of Cassava Leaf Meal on Growth Performance and Nutrient Utilization of African Catfish in the Semi-Arid Zone of   Nigeria Abstract Full Text
   Hassan M. | Wakil U.B | A.I Gamawa 689-693
- Modeling and Determination of the Stresses and Deflections on a Boiler Using Finite Element Approach (ANSYS) Abstract Full Text
   Braimah S. R. | Kukurah | Jamal-Deen. | Thomas A. Atatuba 694-704
- A Numerical Analysis of Cu–Engine Oil Nanofluid Forced Convection in Annular Tubes) Abstract Full Text
   Ahmed Faiq Al-Alawy 705-713

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