A Numerical Analysis of Cu–Engine Oil Nanofluid Forced Convection in Annular Tubes

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Author(s) Ahmed Faiq Al-Alawy
Pages 705-713
Volume 6
Issue 2
Date February, 2017
Keywords Nanofluid, Forced Convection, Annular Tubes

This work analysis numerically the forced convection heat transfer through annular tubes. Laminar flow of nanofluid of engine oil-Cu of different volume fraction of nanoparticles is considered. The upper surface of the annular subjected to hot constant temperature while the lower surface is maintained at constant cold temperature. A code with COMSOL 3.5 was written to solve the dimensionless form of steady state energy and momentum governing equations. The effect of Reynolds number on heat transfer coefficient for different value of volume fraction is tested. The results are presented as temperature isotherms and velocities vectors as well as the Nusselt number. A new correlation of Nusselt number related to Peclet number and solid volume fraction was developed.

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