Determination of Heavy Metals (Cd and Ni) In Soils of Auto Mechanic Village, Suburb of the Yenagoa City, Bayelsa State, Nigeria

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Author(s) Orodu, V.E | Leizou, K. E.
Pages 875-880
Volume 6
Issue 8
Date August, 2017
Keywords Auto Mechanic Village, Heavy Metal, Contamination, Pollution Index, Suburb

Soil samples were collected at a depth of 0-5cm, 5-10cm and 10-15cm from auto mechanic village, suburb of the Yenagoa city, South-South, Nigeria and analyzed for cadmium and nickel to understand their levels and potential ecological risk. The concentrations of heavy metals were determined using a ANALYST 400 Perkin-Elmer AAS. The concentrations of Cd ranged from 0.13 - 0.15 with a mean of 0.14 ±0.01 mg/kg and the control site ranged from 0.12 - 0.13 with a mean of (0.13±0.10mg/kg), while the concentration of Ni ranged from 0.38 - 0.49, with a mean of (0.44±0.06 mg/kg), and ranged from 0.30-0.35 with a mean of (0.32±0.03 mg/kg) for the control site. Compared to the heavy metals permissible limit in agricultural, residential, commercial and industrial soils standards, Cd and Ni showed lower concentration, possibly indicating that the origin of these heavy metals is natural. The concentrations of Cd and Ni in this study were below the Department of Petroleum Resources target value, the metal contamination / pollution index place the auto mechanic village under slight contamination (<0.1) and do not pose a threat to the soil dwelling fauna and human health

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