The Problem of Oral Sources in the Writing of the Pre-Colonial History of Congo-Brazzaville: Methodology and Reflection

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Author(s) Dominique OBA
Pages 899-904
Volume 6
Issue 8
Date August, 2017
Keywords Sources Orals, History Civilization Pre-Colonial, Reconstitution Memory

The text speaks of the importance of oral sources in the authentic reconstruction of the past of the collective memory of the African peoples. Congolese historical thought must be freed from the influence of colonial historiography. It is in this new approach that researchers could enrich themselves with new methods by looking into the neighboring disciplines. Several elements have not been taken into account by the Europeans in the writing of the history of the people and of African civilization. In the writing of the true history of the African peoples, oral sources remain unavoidable in spite of their deformation from generation to generation and their lack of dating, for history is first and foremost its location in time.

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