Technical, Vocational Education and Training for Economic Development and Sustainability beyond Oil in Nigeria

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Author(s) Nnajiofor Francisca Nebechi | Okorafor Anthony Osinachi | Wogu Sunday Nwabueze
Pages 875-880
Volume 6
Issue 8
Date August, 2017
Keywords Economic Diversification, Sustainable Economic Development, Human Capital Development, Technological Capacity, TVET

There is an awakening of the need to diversify the Nigerian economy. The current shock being suffered by the Nigerian economy as a result of oil mono economy and oil price fluctuation is an indication that the time to explore other sectors of the economy is now. It is near impossible to achieve sustainable economic development on a mono-economy. This is because a house standing on one pillar will surely collapse if the pillar collapses. It is the position of this paper that practical attention must be giving to economic diversification rather than political mantra. The paper advocates that this can be achieved through adequate development of human capital, particularly in technological capacity. It elected TVET as the much needed and suitable education and training programme for developing the human capital. The paper holds that TVET produces human capitals with the right competence and attitude to explore the environment, hence diversifying the economy.

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