Experimental Investigation on Dynamic Compressive Behavior of Polyurea over a Range of Temperatures

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Author(s) Yu Chen | Bin Cheng | Yu Xiao
Pages 457-461
Volume 5
Issue 9
Date September, 2016
Keywords Polyurea Dynamic Behavior; Uniaxial Compression; Confined Pressure; Temperature Effect

Polyurea elastomer is finding new applications in increasing the resistance of the structures to blast effects and minimizing the fragmentation and collapse potential of the wall structure. The study on the dynamic mechanical behavior of polyurea is essential for its application as an effective protective material. In this paper, the mechanical properties of polyurea materials under different temperatures are studied. The rate-dependent stress–strain behavior of the materials under uniaxial loading and confined pressure are obtained by split Hopkinson pressure bar (SHPB) testing. The experimental results show that the finite deformation stress-strain behavior of polyurea under uniaxial compression is temperature-dependent and highly non-linear. However, the axial stress-strain relationship for polyurea under confined pressure is weaker on temperature-dependent and approximately linear. The dynamic softening behavior of polyurea becomes more remarkable along with the temperature increasing. Based on the findings of the experiments, the deformation mechanism and mechanical characteristics of the materials are analyzed and discussed.

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