Antibacterial Effect of Some Iraqi Lichen Extracts

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Author(s) Zakaria S. Almola | Basheer A. Al-Ni'ma | Nadeem A. Ramadan
Pages 448-456
Volume 5
Issue 9
Date September, 2016
Keywords Iraqi Lichens, Acetone and Ethanol Extracts, Antibacterial Effect, MIC.

The research includes study of antibacterial effects of acetone & ethanol extracts of some Iraqi lichens in addition to find out their minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC).For this purpose three lichen species, grown in the mountainous region of north Iraq, were chosen, they are Diploschistes ocellatus, Lecanora muralis & Physconia distorta in addition to 8 bacterial species, half of them were gram (+) & the others were gram (-).The results revealed that the inhibition activity were varied considerably according to extract type in addition to lichen & bacterial species. Generally, acetone extracts of the three lichens have higher antibacterial inhibition activity than ethanol extracts, the gram (+) bacteria were more sensitive than the gram (-), Bacillus sp. & Micrococcus luteus were the most sensitive bacteria while Escherichia coli & Klebsiella pneumonia were resistant to all extracts of the lichens species.Physconia distorta extracts revealed clear priority in number of inhibited bacterial species followed by Lecanora muralis then Diploschistes ocellatus.The minimum value of (MIC) 0.781 mg/ml was obtained using acetone & ethanol extracts of Lecanora muralis and acetone extract of Physconia distorta against Micrococcus luteus in addition to ethanol extract of Lecanora muralis against Bacillus sp.

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