Vol. 5, No.10 October 2016

Pages 462-

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Analysis of Land Use Land Cover Change in Ikeja, Lagose State. Nigeria Using Remote Sensing and Gis Techniques Abstract Full Text
   Ukor Chioma D | Ogbole John | Alaga A T 462-472
- Theoretical and Experimental Study of Thermal Performance of Flat Plate Air Heating Collector Abstract Full Text
   K. Agbossou | F. A. Tetang | T. E. Boroze | K. Nwuitcha | K. Napo | B. Zeghmati 473-490
- The Relationship between Convergent Thinking and School Performance among Secondary Schools in Tanzania Abstract Full Text
   Joel Matiku Joshua 491-496
- MATLAB Toolbox Establishment of PIC Microcontroller Simulator Abstract Full Text
   Mohamed B. El_Mashade | Abdelmonem Fouda | Ashraf M. Etman 497-506
- Real Time Facial Expression Recognition App Development on Mobile Phones Abstract Full Text
   Humaid Alshamsi | Veton Kepuska | Hongying Meng 507-512
- Comparison of the Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Heavy Metal Concentrations in Air for the July 2012 and   Oct.2013 at Baiji District, Iraq Abstract Full Text
   Moutaz A. Al-Dabbas | Raad Al- Khafaji 513-522
- Navigating the Untapped Potential of Insulated Concrete Forms as Long-Term Urban Refugee Housing in the Middle  East Abstract Full Text
   Sultan Alashari 523-536

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