Real Time Facial Expression Recognition App Development on Mobile Phones

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Author(s) Humaid Alshamsi | Veton Kepuska | Hongying Meng
Pages 507-512
Volume 5
Issue 10
Date October, 2016
Keywords Machine Learning; Facial Expression; Image Processing; Mobile Computing

Facial expression has made significant progress in recent years with many commercial systems are available for real-world applications. It gains strong interest to implement a facial expression system on a portable device such as tablet and smart phone device using the camera already integrated in the devices. It is very common to see face recognition phone unlocking app in new smart phones which are proven to be hassle free way to unlock a phone. Implementation a facial expression system in a smart phone would provide fun applications that can be used to measure the mood of the user in their daily life or as a tool for their daily monitoring of the motion in psychology studies. However, traditional facial expression algorithms are normally computing extensive and can only be implemented offline at a computer. In this paper, a novel automatic system has been proposed to recognize emotions from face images on a smart phone in real-time. In our system, the camera of the smart phone is used to capture the face image, BRIEF features are extracted and k-nearest neighbor algorithm is implemented for the classification. The experimental results demonstrate that the proposed facial expression recognition on mobile phone is successful and it gives up to 89.5% recognition accuracy.

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