MATLAB Toolbox Establishment of PIC Microcontroller Simulator

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Author(s) Mohamed B. El_Mashade | Abdelmonem Fouda | Ashraf M. Etman
Pages 462-472
Volume 5
Issue 10
Date October
Keywords Microcontroller, PIC, Simulators, Hex-File

Beside it is easy to embed into larger electronic circuit designs, the microcontroller provides, in a simplified form, all the main elements of the microprocessor system on a single chip. As a result, less complex applications can be designed and built quickly and cheaply. Recently, simulators offer the lowest-cost development tools for microcontroller-based systems. Basically, the user can handle its program in a simulation environment efficiently. Most simulators provide the capability of inserting breakpoints within the code (to stop the code), analyzing the internal registers and memory, displaying and changing the values of program variables along with some other merits. On the other hand, the Peripheral Interface Controller (PIC) represents one of the most commonly used microcontrollers. Such type of microcontrollers enjoys some advantages. It is inexpensive, flexible as well as it is easily programmed. Similarly, Matlab is a widely used technical computing software package. It has many toolboxes, none of them deal with microcontroller. This paper provides an educational MATLAB tool box for the users to be friendly deal with PIC simulator. The proposed PIC simulator has graphical user interface (GUI) control panel that enables the user to load hex-file program, converts it into assembly language and vice versa. The mnemonics along with the presentation of each one of its instruction's set can be easily manipulated. So, the debugging, testing, and verification processes can be demonstrated according to the specified task of the loaded hex-file.

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