Vol. 5, No.11 November 2016

Pages 537-

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Molecular Characterization of Fusion and Glycoprotein Genes of RSV Genotype a in Infants Suffering From Influenza   Like Symptoms in Iraq Abstract Full Text
   Zaineb M. Naji | Maha D. Abbas | Hassan M. Naif | Hayfa H. Hassani | Faisel G. Alhamdani 537-544
- Mining High Utility Item set Using Hash-Map without Candidate Generation Abstract Full Text
   Sadhana G | Prof. Muralidhar A 545-551
- Modification of an Existing Small Hydraulic Jack for Lifting Light Duty Vehicle Abstract Full Text
   S.K. Amedorme | Y.A.K. Fiagbe 552-557
- Recovery of Cobalt and Copper from Nchanga Mines Slag using Ferrosilicon Abstract Full Text
   K.L. Kakengelaa | C. Ngúnia J. Siameb | J. Mulwandab 558-561
- An Exact Solution of the Differential Equation For flow-Loaded Ropes Abstract Full Text
   Mathias Paschen 562-566
-Developing Organization Citizenship Behavior of Employees in the Hospitality Industry through Organizational Culture,   Emotional Intelligence and Work Motivation Abstract Full Text
   Yohanes Sulistyadi | Kohar Sulistyadi | Fauziah Eddyono 567-578
- Physicochemical Properties of Compost Substrates of Spondias Mombin Wood Dust with Cow Dung for the Cultivation   of Edible Mushroom Pleurotus Ostreatus Abstract Full Text
   Olabode O.O. | Adegunloye D.V. | Akinyele B. J. | Akinyosoye F.A 579-588

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