Recovery of Cobalt and Copper from Nchanga Mines Slag using Ferrosilicon

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Author(s) K.L. Kakengelaa | C. Ngúnia J. Siameb | J. Mulwandab
Pages 558-561
Volume 5
Issue 11
Date November, 2016
Keywords Reductants, Ferro-Silicon, Coke, Slag-Smelting, Pyrometallurgy

Nchanga Smelter treats slag that contains appreciable amounts of copper and cobalt oxides by reducing with coke as a reductant in arc Electric Furnaces using electricity as a source of heat energy. However, the recovery of Cobalt from the time the plant was commissioned has remained around 57% which is significantly below the design capacity of 80%. The aim of this study was, therefore, to investigate the use of an alternative reductant (Ferro-silicon) in the reduction of copper and cobalt oxide to metallic copper and cobalt as a way of improving recovery. Charge blends starting from stoichiometry ratio and increasing the reductants in the respective reactions from 5-10.5% were fused in an induction furnace. The results showed that the copper and cobalt recoveries were high in ferrosilicon based reactions than in coke based reaction.
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