Modification of an Existing Small Hydraulic Jack for Lifting Light Duty Vehicle

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Author(s) S.K. Amedorme | Y.A.K. Fiagbe
Pages 552-557
Volume 5
Issue 11
Date November, 2016
Keywords Modified Hydraulic Jack, Hydraulic Failure, Failure Prediction, Von Mises

Hydraulic jack has been used extensively in the maintenance, servicing and repairing of motor vehicles. Although the hydraulic jack serves a wide range of purpose, it has one major problem of unexpected hydraulic failure. This has called for the use of a mechanism or an axle stand when the hydraulic jack is in use. Most often, drivers carry the jack forgetting to go along with the stand. And in the event of any repairs on the road have to use incorrect undersigned or unprescribed supports to assist the jack. This paper highlights on the modification of an existing small hydraulic jack for lifting light duty vehicle. The modified jack has been incorporated with reasonable clutch top, simple locking mechanism and sizable base to support the weight of the vehicle in the event of any hydraulic failure. The distortion energy theory (DET) is used to predict failure and check the factor of safety. The new modification makes the jack serves multi-purpose function of lifting and acting as supporting unit. It also prevents the frustrations the drivers go through in search for undersigned lifting supports between trips when they encounter a flat tyre as well as eliminates the burden mechanics go through in fixing an axle stand.
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