Designing a Mechanical System That Will Be Used To Extract and Separate Lemon Grass Oil

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Author(s) Braimah, S. R. | Andoh, P. Y. | Tawiah, P. O.
Pages 95-105
Volume 5
Issue 3
Date March, 2016
Keywords Designing, Mechanical System, Extract, Separate, Lemon grass

Lemon grass is broadly used in medicine, perfumery industry, vitamin A manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. The need for lemon grass oil, especially in human health and its problem of extracting the oil, have directed this paper in designing a mechanical system that will be used to extract and separate lemon grass oil. The extraction of essential oil from lemon grass was done using direct steam distillation process. In all, three concepts were developed based on the orientation of the condensers, source of power, and method of oil production. The three (3) concepts were evaluated and the best concept was selected as the final design. Design analysis was performed on each part to determine their specification, the material to be used and manufacturing processes for the fabrication. Two tests were performed to determine the performance of machine and the quality of the oil produced. From the results, it can be established that the prototype machine developed can be used to extract lemon grass oil from the leaves. The efficiencies were then computed and favorable results were obtained. Also, the results obtained for the four tests responded positive given an indication of the pureness of the oil. It can then be concluded that the prototype machine developed can be used to extract lemon grass oil from the leaves and its efficiency ranges from 2.37 to 3.95 ml/kg and it is economically viable, effective and efficient.

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