Application of Statistical Quality Control for Investigating Process Stability and Control in an Electric Wire Industry

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Author(s) T. I. Ogedengbe | R. K. Apalowo | A. B. Akinde
Pages 81-87
Volume 5
Issue 3
Date March, 2016
Keywords Quality control, process stability, process control, control chart

This paper employed statistical quality control approach to investigate process stability in an electric wire manufacturing industry. Quality control tools such as Xbar and S charts as well as process capability charts were applied to measurements obtained from the electric wire manufacturing industry on important features of wire product. This was done to determine if the processes are in or out of control, and to determine the capability of the processes towards the production of a particular product to meet preset specifications. Results showed that the production process was in statistical process control in respects of the product diameter and electrical resistance, with no assignable cause of variation. It was further revealed that, though the wire production process used has high capability of effectively meeting the preset specification limits in respect of the product electrical resistance, nevertheless, it has low capability of meeting the preset specification limits in respect of the product diameter, hence incurring some losses as scraps.

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