Teaching Professionalism in an Accountability Age in Tanzania

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Author(s) Rose Matete
Pages 60-69
Volume 5
Issue 2
Date February, 2016
Keywords Teaching, Professionalism, Accountability

In recent years teaching profession faces public scrutiny. Multiple groups and different people in the society react differently from what is taking place in schools. Sometimes head teachers are demoted because of poor performance of pupils in national examinations. School committee members are also encouraged to foster teacher accountability for pupils’ learning. In this paper, I argue that although teachers need to work more harder and to be more creative in fulfilling their obligations and ensuring pupils learning, there is a need for an alternative way of assessing teachers’ performance. Pupils are of different abilities and teaching is only part of the learning process. A teacher cannot predict how human mind works and be exactly sure how many pupils will pass the exam. The data for this paper were collected between 2011 to 2013 through questionnaires, focus group discussion, interviews and documentary analysis. The sample of the participants was 108, where 90 were primary school classroom teachers, 10 head teachers, 6 were the school committee members and 2 educational officials. The findings here are part of PhD dissertation on “Decentralisation in Tanzanian Education and Teacher Accountability: The Case of Primary School Management under School Committees in Kinondoni Municipality and Mbeya City”.

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