Effectiveness of Ammonium Chloride and Borax in Improving the Fire Retarding Property of Timber

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Author(s) Nwajiobi C.C. | Eboatu A.N. | Odinma S.C. | Ezigbo V.O.
Pages 77-80
Volume 5
Issue 2
Date February, 2016
Keywords Flame-retardants, Fire, Timber, Add-on

The impregnation of timber known as Gmelina arborea with varying concentrations of ammonium chloride and borax solutions was carried out .The treated and blank sample was dried and investigated for Add-on (%), ignition time, flame propagation rate and after-glow time. Result showed that ignition time, add-on (%) showed a significant increase and decrease in flame propagation rate using borax while after-glow time showed a remarkable decrease using Ammonium chloride. These results suggest that both flame retardants are effective in the prevalence of fire outbreak.

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