Determination of the Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Effluent Discharged From Karu Abattoir

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Author(s) Ekanem K.V | Chukwuma G.O | Ubah J.I
Pages 43-50
Volume 5
Issue 2
Date February, 2016
Keywords Abattoir Effluents, Physico-Chemical Characteristics, Pollution, Water Quality, Abuja

This study was carried out so as to determine the physico-chemical characteristics of the effluent discharged from the karu abattoir indiscriminately. Effluent samples were collected in 1.5 litre plastic bottles and 250ml of glass bottles for the period of six months (wet and dry season). Samples were taken to the laboratory for analysis and the parameters analyzed were pH, temperature, electrical conductivity, TDS, turbidity, TSS, BOD5, dissolved oxygen, nitrate, phosphate, chloride, iron, lead, zinc, manganese and Oil and grease. Results obtained showed that parameters such as electrical conductivity, TDS, TSS, BOD5, dissolved oxygen, nitrate, phosphate and oil & grease did not meet the recommended standards given by FEPA (1991) for discharge into surface water. Also the paired sample student t-test analysis revealed that there was no significant difference between the means of both seasons samples analyzed i.e. wet and dry season samples (tcalculated
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