On The Realization of the Equilibrium State of a Fluid-Borne Marine Vessel

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Author(s) E. C. Obinabo | T. C. Nwaoha | F. I. Ashiedu | Garrick Ombor
Pages 416-422
Volume 5
Issue 8
Date August, 2016
Keywords Twin Screw Ship, Vector Liapunov Function, Asymptotic Stability, Bounded Functions, Complex Frequency Plane, Metacentric Height

This study establishes sufficient and valid conditions for a continuous-time composite fluid-borne marine vessel to be stable after the manner of Liapunov. An application of the vector Liapunov function gives a sufficient condition for asymptotic stability in the large as a set of defined inequalities. The results obtained from this study are compared with conditions for stability of multivariable systems reported in the existing literature, and the deduction is that sufficient conditions have been established for stability of a twin screw ship powered by a steam reciprocating engine.

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