Applications of Nanotechnology to Information Technology: Microscopic Smart Devices (MISD) of the Future

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Author(s) Emmanuel G. Ewool | Joseph G. Davis | Najim Ussiph
Pages 396-415
Volume 5
Issue 8
Date August, 2016
Keywords Nanotechnology, Information Technology, Microscopic Smart Device, Electronic Device

Nanotechnology is a multidisciplinary field that is emerging as the frontier to the ever changing needs of consumers. The rapidly changing needs of the Information Technology (IT) consumer and keen competition in the IT industry has resulted in a thrust for new products, methods and solutions. Nanotechnology holds the potential that could revolutionize the IT industry. In the quest for adopting nanotechnology for any field, professionals from the field must work hand in hand with scientists and researchers to create a rich repository of knowledge that would ensure success. Therefore, this study sought to identify the areas in IT where nanotechnology could be applied to bring about improvements and also find out how researchers, scientists and developers have begun to adopt nanotechnology to create existing nano products and the challenges associated with it. Qualitative method of research was used. Based on the knowledge that was acquired from data analysis, the study examined the possibility of developing a class of devices termed as “Microscopic Smart Devices” of the future and how they could be applied to make life better and easier. Following an interactive data analysis model, data was collected, reduced, displayed and verified in an ongoing iterative process before conclusions were drawn. It was revealed that, the development of “Microscopic Smart Devices” of the future was possible given the advances nanotechnology continues to offer to the IT industry. These tiny artificially intelligent devices would have the necessary base components of power, storage, processing unit and communication unit. These devices would ensure that, technology is more ubiquitous than ever before. The tiny nature of these devices means, they could be embedded in almost everything we use in our daily lives; from fabrics, to devices and even on our bodies making technology readily accessible.

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