Assessment of Rainwater Harvesting Potential for Irrigation at Kabiruini in Nyeri, Kenya

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Author(s) George K. Karara | John M. Gathenya | Patrick G. Home
Pages 163-172
Volume 5
Issue 4
Date April, 2016
Keywords Assessment, Rainwater, Irrigation, Potentia

A rainwater harvesting reservoir failed to supply the requisite water and was subjected to a rain, runoff and irrigation assessment to reveal information about that system failure. Historical and actual daily rainfall was obtained in addition to actual runoff measured on the reservoir. Collected data was processed, analyzed and discussed to reveal causes of reservoir depletion which was the culmination of that failure by June 2009. The catchment of 120 ha was expected to harvest enough runoff to fill a reservoir of 25,000m3. There was more runoff produced by the catchment than could be stored in the small reservoir which was leaking that water through its floor. There were large differences between the minimum and maximum potentials that no single value could be taken. So a dynamic water supply system was recommended.

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