The Management Of Public Toilets Has Brazzaville's Problems And Prospects

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Author(s) Nzoussi Hilaire Kevin | Prof. Li Jiang Feng
Pages 149-155
Volume 5
Issue 4
Date April, 2016
Keywords Management, Public Toilets, Brazzaville, Problems, Prospects

Brazzaville is a city in the developing world where population growth in recent years and the spatial extension Hardly-have allowed the establishment of a specific framework to fight against environmental problems. All these problems are held around an urban environment which is undergoing dynamic corollary of population growth. Among these problems is the management of public toilets that attracts every day the attention of the people. This management is very lamentable because of the negligence of latrines yet are housed in public environments in which buildings are constructed of any kind in this case the government services and places where we spend most of the day . Mismanagement of toilets contributes so significantly and regular degradation of human health and the environment. This requires systematic and rigorous involvement of the State in order to spare the populations of disease and other health problems.

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