Vol. 4, No.10 October 2015

Pages 446-478

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Green Infrastructure for Climate Change Amelioration in Nigeria Abstract Full Text
   DIPEOLU Adedotun Ayodele | ELEMIDE Olusegun Oludaisi 446-450
- Study On Concentrations Of Selected Heavy Metals: Cadmium, Lead Arsenic And Mercury In The Soft Tissue Of   Periwinkle ( Tympanotonos Fuscatus Var.Radula) Harvested From Brass Island River, Bayelsa State , Nigeria Abstract Full Text
   Kalu.O.Obasi | K. Chinedu | Udebuani | A.C, Okereke | J.N,Ezeji E.U | Anyadoh N.S 451-457
- Performance of Manipulated Direct Osmosis in Water Desalination Process Abstract Full Text
   Majid I. Abdul Wahab | Hussain I. Saleh | Ahmed Faiq Al-Alawy 458-468
- Plant Diversity and Nutrient Variations in Erosion Site Abstract Full Text
   Ezekiel, A. G., Ogbemudia, F. O. and Ubom, R. M. 469-473
- Concentrations Of Cadmium, Lead, Arsenic And Mercury In The Soft Tissue Of Periwinkle( Tympanotonus Fuscata   Var.Radula) In Eagle Island River, Rivers State , Nigeria Abstract Full Text
   K.O.Obasi | K . Chinedu | Okereke | J.N Udebuani, A.C | Ezeji, E.U | Anyadoh S.N 474-478

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