Concentrations Of Cadmium, Lead, Arsenic And Mercury In The Soft Tissue Of Periwinkle( Tympanotonus Fuscata Var. Radula) In Eagle Island River, Rivers State , Nigeria

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Author(s) K.O.Obasi | K . Chinedu | Okereke | J.N Udebuani, A.C | Ezeji, E.U | Anyadoh S.N
Pages 474-478
Volume 4
Issue 10
Date October, 2015
Keywords Heavy Metals, Concentrations, Periwinkle, Eagle Island, Analytical, Atomic, Absorption, Monitoring

The concentrations of some heavy metals(cadmium, lead, mercury and arsenic) in the soft tissues of periwinkle Tympanotonos fuscatus var. radula obtained from Eagle Island river in portHarcourt , Rivers State Nigeria were studied. It was an analytical study in which atomic absorption spectrophotometer( series 240 varian) was used to establish the concentrations of the metals. The mean concentration of metals recorded were: Hg (2.10ppm), Cd (0.067ppm), Pb (2.00ppm) and As (1.26ppm). There was no significant relationship(at α0.05 ) between the concentrations of the heavy metals in the sampled organisms. Considering the neurotoxic effects of some heavy metals, it becomes imperative to regularly monitor heavy metal concentrations in sea foods in order to ensure the safety of such food for pubic consumption.

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