Leptin Hormone in Health and Disease: Overview

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Author(s) Anthonia, E. Eseyin | Kieran I. Ekpenyong
Pages 498-506
Volume 4
Issue 11
Date November, 2015
Keywords Fast Pyrolysis, Py-GC/MS, Corn Cobs, Pd-Doped Γ- Al2O3, Catalyst and Bio-Oil.

Pyrolysis gas chromatography mass spectrometry (Py-GC/MS) studies were carried out on catalyzed and uncatalyzed Nigerian corn cobs at 500oC. The catalyst used was Pd-doped γ- Al2O3.The compounds produced in the catalyzed and uncatalyzed samples were similar but in different quantities. The Pd-doped γ- Al2O3, significantly reduced the quantities of acids and alcohols from 12.84% to 4.16% and that of miscellaneous oxygenates from 2.78% to 1.45%. The quantity of phenolic compounds, aldehydes and ketones, as well as furfural increased significantly. Pd-doped γ- Al2O3 has been shown to improve the quality of bio-oil by reducing the quantities of acids and miscellaneous oxygenates in order to make bio-oil less corrosive.

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