Leptin Hormone in Health and Disease: Overview

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Author(s) Rabiu A. M | Shugaba A. I | Odeh S. O
Pages 479-489
Volume 4
Issue 11
Date November, 2015
Keywords Leptin, Pleiotropic, White-Adipose Tissue, Neuro-Peptide Y, ∝-MSH, Energy Homeostasis, Lipodystrophy

Leptin, a pleiotropic hormone is a 167-amino acid peptide that is produced predominantly in the white-adipose tissue. It was co-discovered in 1994. It acts on receptors in the hypothalamus where it inhibits appetite, counteracting the effects of neuro-peptide Y and also promotes the synthesis of ∝-MSH (melanocyte stimulating hormone). Leptin contributes to the regulation of energy homeostasis, neuro-endocrine function, metabolism, immune function, and bone metabolism. Some conditions associated with Leptin dysfunction include weight loss, congenital leptin deficiency, hypothalamic amenorrhoea and lipodystrophy. Leptin may be an elixir to most metabolic disorders.

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