Ecological Sustainability and Economic Growth through Green Economy

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Author(s) Bhavna Karki
Pages 214-221
Volume 4
Issue 5
Date May, 2015
Keywords Ecology, Global Green Economy, Himalayas, Uttarakhand, Sustainable Development, Value, Ecosystem Service.

Himalayas support the life and livelihood of millions of people and are an important source of vital ecosystem services. Total value of ecosystem services is estimated at US$ 33 trillion per year globally and US$ 2.4 billion per year for Uttarakhand, India alone. Globalisation, technological advancements ,economic growth, increasing demand is increasing the pressure on natural resources thereby creating a situation of stress leading to conflicts for rights, services, monetary benefits. Any disturbance in the normal functioning of this ecosystem will hamper the services it provides and the impact of this will be seen ecologically and economically at local, national, and global level. For sustainability as well as for maintaining the global ecological and economic balance it is essential to ensure that the people living in the region are motivated to continue their efforts in conserving the ecosystem services required to address the current global challenges.

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