Vol. 4, No.3 March 2015

Pages 73-150

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Block Runge-Kutta Type Method for Direct Integration of Second Order Bvps in Odes Abstract Full Text
   Zamurat A. Adegboye | Ahu A. Adamu | Shehu Usman 73-79
- An Assessment of Absorbed Dose and Radiation Hazard Index from Natural Radioactivity in Soils from Akwa Ibom
  State, Nigeria
Abstract Full Text
   Bede, M. C | Essiett, A. A | Inam, E. 80-92
- Fish Growth Model with Feed Quality Factor in Wastewater Oxidation Pond Abstract Full Text
   Bayu Tara Wijaya | Isnani Darti | Agus Widodo 93-98
- Street Sugar Cane Vendors Practices, Metals and Microbial Levels of Sugar Cane Sold In Kumasi, Ghana Abstract Full Text
   D. Azanu | S. K. Kyei | A. Oppong 99-104
- Comparative Effects Of Spent Engine Oil And Unused Engine Oil On The Growth And Yield Of Vigna Unguiculata(Cowpea) Abstract Full Text
   ADU, A.A | ADERINOLA, O.J | KUSEMIJU, V 105-118
- Trace Element Analysis of Some Leafy and Non Leafy Vegetable Samples in Anam District of Aghamelum Anambra State of Nigeria Abstract Full Text
   Ezigbo, V. O. | Odinma, S.C. 119-124
- Phage Display Technology As A Strong Alternative To Hybridoma Technology For Monoclonal Antibody Production Abstract Full Text
   Uba A.I | Abdulazeez M.A | Usman S.S | Tabakoglu H.O | Abubakar H 125-131
- Low-Temperature Catalytic Pyrolysis of Corn Stalks A Novel Route to the Production Of Bio-Oil And Valuable Chemical Feedstock Abstract Full Text
   Anthonia E. Eseyin | Emad M. El-Giar 132-142
-Intention Behavior, Telecommunication Technology, Cellular Phone Abstract Full Text
   Budiarto Subroto | Mira Rochyadi 143-149
- Removal of Arsenic and Lead from Aqueous Solutions by Palm Kernel Cake and Shea Nut Cake Adsorbents Abstract Full Text
   Eric Appiah Agyapong | Mohammed Fuseini | Bernard Fei-Baffoe 150-155

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