Block Runge-Kutta Type Method for Direct Integration of Second Order Bvps in Odes

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Author(s) Zamurat A. Adegboye | Ahu A. Adamu | Shehu Usman
Pages 73-79
Volume 4
Issue 3
Date March, 2015
Keywords Quade’s Type Multistep, Second Order Bvps, A-Stable and Runge-Kutta Stability Property

In this paper, we present the Quade’s Type Multistep (QTM) method. The process produces Quade’s scheme and some hybrid form which are combined together to form a block method. The method is extended to the case in which the approximate solution to a second order (special or general) Boundary Value Problems(BVPs) can be calculated and is of order six which is A-stable, possesses the Runge-Kutta stability property and has an implicit structure for efficient implementation.

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