Comparative Study of Proximate and Phytochemical Compositions of Anthocleista Djalonensis Planch. And Anthocleista Vogelii A. Chev. (Longaniaceae) In South Eastern Nigeria

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Author(s) Okeke, C.U. | Chinelo A. Ezeabara | Ekwuonye, B.C. | Onwubiko, V.C. | Udechukwu, C. D. | Bibian O. Aziagba
Pages 377-379
Volume 4
Issue 7
Date July, 2015
Keywords Anthocleista, Anthocleista Djalonensis, Anthocleista Vogelii, Plant Drugs

Proximate and phytochemical compositions of Anthocleista djalonensis Planch. and Anthocleista vogelii A. Chev. present in Southeastern Nigeria were determined and compared. Standard methods of analyses were employed. There were presence of alkaloid, flavonoid, saponin, steroid and tannin whereas glycoside was absent in the leaves, stems and roots of the two species. Alkaloid was the highest bioactive agent present in the two plants. High levels of protein, fat and carbohydrates were also found in the parts of Anthocleista djalonensis and A. vogelii with higher concentration of carbohydrates in A. vogelii. A close affinity between these plants was revealed, thus, suggesting their usefulness in ethnobotany as foods and drugs.

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