Comparative Analysis on the User-Friendliness between Computer and Tablet Application in the Performance Analysis of Soccer

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Author(s) Mohammad Razali Abdullah | Rabiu Mu’azu Musa| Ahmad Bisyri Husin Musawi B. Maliki | Pathmanathan K. Suppiah | Mohd Nurakram B.Noraini Bahrin | Tomny Wong Kee Kiet | Engku Mohd Mubin B. Che Ku Zainal1ard
Pages 368-372
Volume 4
Issue 7
Date July, 2015
Keywords Performance Analysis; Tablet Application; Computer Application; User-Friendly; Soccer.

Variety of applications have been developed over the years to serve as the device for performance analysis in soccer. Computer applications have been utilized to analyze player’s performance long before the discovery of tablet applications. However, for the performance analysis to be more accurate and free from human error, the device used for the analysis need to be user-friendly. The aim of this study is to compare the user-friendliness between computer and tablet application in the performance analysis of soccer. Computer and tablet applications were provided to twenty-five performance analysts. They were asked to analyze the performance of players during a soccer match using the two applications differently. Their opinions were collected using a questionnaire for which application was more user–friendly. Chi-square test for goodness of fit was conducted based on the hypothesis that there was no significance difference in their opinion at a confidence level of p ≤ .05. The results shows the analyst differed in their views, (χ² = (1, N = 25) = 9.00, p < .05). The null hypothesis was therefore rejected, and tablet application was found to be user-friendly in the performance analysis of soccer. Tablet application should be more explored in performance analysis of soccer.

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