Peculiarities of Distribution of Population, Settlements and Economic Activities by Altitude Landscape Belts at the North-Eastern Slopes of the Greater Caucasus

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Author(s) Laman Hasanaliyeva
Pages 373-376
Volume 4
Issue 7
Date July, 2015
Keywords Altitude Landscape Belts, Rural Settlement, Mountainous, Plain, Distribution of Population

The paper deals with the analysis of functional characteristics of location of settlements and distribution of population, as well as the existing economic activities in height zones with different landscapes. It was determined that economic activities are distributed uneven in the research territory in connection with the existence of different local environmental condition. As the carried study shows, the higher concentration of population is characteristic for the Pre-Caspian territories and higher mountainous areas rather than upland plains and lower mountainous areas. It is also revealed that in mountainous areas, the population is settled in depressions and hollows, or inclined terraced slopes of river valleys with more favorable relief and environmental condition for dwelling.

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