Vol. 4, No.1 January 2015

Pages 1-39

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Application of Mel Frequency Ceptrum Coefficients and Dynamic Time Warping For Developing an Isolated Speech   Recognition System Abstract Full Text
   I.O. Animasahun | J.J. Popoola 1-8
- Analysis of Fuelwood and Charcoal Sector in Cote d'Ivoire Abstract Full Text
   Aboh Prisca Zidago | Zhangqi Wu 9-13
- Trace And Rare Earth Elements Geochemistry Of Marble From Ikpeshi,Its Provenance and Paleo-Redox Conditions Abstract Full Text
   R.A Obasi | O. L Anike | P Ogungbuyi 14-25
- Experimental Investigation on Performance, Emission and Combustion Characteristics of Croton Megalocarpus   Biodiesel Blends In a Direct Injection Diesel Engine Abstract Full Text
   W. O. Osawa | P. K. Sahoo | J. M. Onyari | F. J. Mulaa 26-33
- Liquid Crystalline Properties of Salicylaldimine- Based Dimers Derived From Isophthalic Acid Abstract Full Text
   Sandy Subal | Syama Sundar | Sreehari Sastry 34-39

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