Ergonomic Appraisal of a Nigerian University Library

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Author(s) T. I. Ogedengbe
Pages 57-64
Volume 4
Issue 2
Date February, 2015
Keywords Ergonomics, Anthropometry, Furniture, Body Dimension, Library, University, Nigeria.

Ergonomics considers the users of a product to design products that are safe, comfortable, and easy to use. This study appraises the academic library of a Nigerian University ergonomically. The air temperature, relative humidity, sound level and lighting intensities of various locations within the library were determined and compared with the internationally accepted standard. Anthropometric measurement of five hundred and twenty six of the library users were taken and used to determine the ergonomically supported furniture dimensions which was then compared with the dimensions of the furniture presently in use in the library. Also, questionnaires were distributed to the measured library users and evaluated to assess the user’s satisfaction with the facilities available in the library. Result shows that the average air temperature in most locations is within the international standard range while the average relative humidity and the sound level are higher than (outside) the range. The average light intensity is within the international standard range for some locations while it falls below (outside) the range for some others. Finally, the dimensions of the existing furniture are generally within the value estimated from the anthropometric data of the library users.

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