Vol. 4, No.8 August 2015

Pages 380-419

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- One-pot Synthesis of Benzothiazines via Cu(I) Catalyzed Intramolecular Cyclisation from Dithioesters Abstract Full Text
   Nagarakere. C. Sandhya | C. S. Pavan Kumar | Sannaiah.Ananda 380-384
- Distribution and Variation of Heavy Metals and Soil Properties around a Mega Cement Factory in Gboko, Benue State,      Nigeria Abstract Full Text
   Abatyough T. Michael | Uyeh D. Daniel Uttu Jibrin | Abatyough B. Benard 385-394
- Traditional Practices for Survival in Resource Depleted Himalayan Region: Challenges Put Forth by Climate Change and   Response of Local Communities Abstract Full Text
   Piyoosh Rautela | Bhavna Karki 395-404
- Suitable Wind Turbine Identification Using Capacity Factor And Economic Feasibility Abstract Full Text
   Ali K. Resen | Dr. Firas H. Abdulrazzaq | Jawad S. Nmr 405-411
- Introducing a Modified Water Powered Funicular Technology and its Prospective In Nepal Abstract Full Text
   Rijan Karkee | Sumit Khadka | Saurav Gautam 412-419

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