Introducing a Modified Water Powered Funicular Technology and its Prospective In Nepal

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Author(s) Rijan Karkee | Sumit Khadka | Saurav Gautam
Pages 412-419
Volume 4
Issue 8
Date August, 2015
Keywords Alternative Technology for Transportation, Gravity Ropeway, Funicular Transportation, Optimize the Funicular

There have been so many alternative technologies introduced for transportation in the hilly regions. Among them, some include electricity-based cable cars while some others include gravity-based like gravity ropeways, funicular transportation etc. In this paper, we would like to discuss the funicular technology proposing a modified version and also suggesting a proper prospective of funicular transportation in Nepal. In this paper, we get into the physics of funicular transportation and generalize it and based on the equation we propose method to optimize the funicular system.

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