Reformulation of Block Implicit Linear Multistep Method into Runge Kutta Type Method for Initial Value Problem

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Author(s) Muhammad R. | Y. A Yahaya | A.S Abdulkareem
Pages 190-198
Volume 4
Issue 4
Date April, 2015
Keywords Block, Implicit, Runge-Kutta Type, Reformulation

In this research work, we reformulated the block hybrid Backward Differentiation Formula (BDF) for k=4 into Runge Kutta Type Method (RKTM) of the same step number for the solution of Initial value problem in Ordinary Differential Equation (ODE). The method can be use to solve both first and second order (special or general form). It can also be extended to solve higher order ODE. This method differs from conventional BDF as derivation is done only once

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