Error and Convergence Analysis of a Hybrid Runge- Kutta Type Method

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Author(s) Muhammad R. | Y. A Yahaya | A.S Abdulkareem
Pages 164-168
Volume 4
Issue 4
Date April, 2015
Keywords Error, Convergence Analysis, Hybrid, Runge-Kutta Type method

Implicit Runge- Kutta methods are used for solving stiff problems which mostly arise in real life problems. Convergence analysis helps us to determine an effective Runge- Kutta Method (RKM) to use, but due to the loss of linearity in Runge –Kutta Methods and the fact that the general Runge –Kutta Method makes no mention of the differential equation makes it impossible to define the order of the method independently of the differential equation. In this paper, we derived a hybrid Runge -Kutta Type method (RKTM) for k=1, obtained the order and error constant and convergence analysis of the method.

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