Synthesis of Novel Compounds Derived from Saccharin

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Author(s) Redha. I.H.AL-Bayati | Mazin.J.H | Athraa. H.Mekky
Pages 521-533
Volume 3
Issue 9
Date September, 2014
Keywords sweetening agent ,saccharin, sulfonamide drivatives.

This work involves synthesis and characterization of some new derivatives saccharin .five main compounds (1-5) were synthesized via alkylation saccharin by reaction sodium saccharin with different halo compounds ,then compounds (6,7) were obtained from reaction compound(1)with hydrazine or 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine respectively, also compound ( 8) was synthesized from reaction compound (6) with ethyl acetoacetate, while indole compounds(9,10) have been synthesized by reaction compound (1) with phenylenediamine and its substituted . coumarin compounds(11,12,13,14) were obtained from the reaction compound (1) with phenol derivatives in con H2SO4 or piperidine.Compound (15) was synthesized by reaction compound (3) with hydrazine hydrate. The reaction compound(4) with sodium azide in the presence ammonium chloride to give tetrazole ring compound (16) . Schiff bases (17,18,20) can be synthesized from compound 5 with hydrazine and dehydro acetic acid. compound has been synthesized by reaction compound with phenyl isothiocyanate in the presence tri ethylamine . finally the reaction of compound( 5) with hydrazine in the presence sodium hydroxide or sodium acetate produced (19). All structures of synthesized were compounds characterized by UV,IR , 1H-NMR,13C-NMR.

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