Vol. 3, No.5 May 2014

Pages 255-319

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Variations of Heavy Metals in Agricultural Soils Irrigated with Tin Water in Heipang District of Barkin Ladi, Plateau   State, Nigeria Abstract Full Text
   Daniel, V. N. | Chudusu, E.S. | Chup, J.A | Pius, N.D 255-263
- Multi-Point Time-Averaging Data Acquisition of Health Indicators: A Reliable Process for Patient Medical Support Abstract Full Text
   G. O. Uzedhe | O. N. Okeke | H. C. Inyiama | V. E. Idigo 264-272
- Prediction of Wind Pump Water Discharges for Drip Irrigation at the Shores of Lake Victoria-Kenya Abstract Full Text
   Kabok .P. Aguko | D.M. Nyaanga | J.O Onyando 273-284
- Calcareous Nannofossil Biostratigraphy of XY-1 Field,Offshore Western Niger Delta, Nigeria Abstract Full Text
   S. O. Obaje | E. A. Okosun | P. I. Olasehinde | E. E. Udensi 285-291
- The Impact of Human Water Exploitation on Physico-Chemical Characteristic of Mmubete River in the Niger Delta,   Nigeria Abstract Full Text
   Chindo Nwankwo | Abubakar Mohammed | Rose E. Ikyereve | Ben-Kalio Dawari 292-297
-Prioritization of Evacuation of Solid Waste at Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Centers Abstract Full Text
   Barma Modu | Gregory Marksha Wajiga | Abraham Okolo | Hamandikko Gaya Mu’azu 298-305
-Nutritional Composition and Stabilization of Local Variety Rice Bran BRRI-28 Abstract Full Text
   Mohammed A. Satter | H Ara | SA Jabin | N Abedin | AK Azad | Abul Hossain | U. Ara 306-313
-Pest Incidence, Mortality, Aestivation, Feed Intake and Growth in West African Giant Snails (Achatina Achatina) Reared   Under Different Housing Systems Abstract Full Text
   Nyameasem, J. K. | Borketey-La, E. B. 314-319

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