Multi-Point Time-Averaging Data Acquisition of Health Indicators: A Reliable Process for Patient Medical Support

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Author(s) G. O. Uzedhe | O. N. Okeke | H. C. Inyiama | V. E. Idigo
Pages 264-272
Volume 3
Issue 5
Date May, 2014
Keywords Multi-point measurement, Data acquisition, Healthcare, Accuracy, Wireless sensor network

This paper presents a reliable method for accurate health data acquisition using multi-point time-averaging process. The conventional single-point one-time measurement method currently used with today’s medical instruments has not given the desired accuracy in healthcare delivery and cannot be used with emerging wireless sensor technology for the future medical services. Wireless sensor nodes can allow more than one body parameter to be measured from a single point in any part of the body and are small enough to be spread all over the body with much convenience that is not possible with conventional instruments. Multichannel sensor node and body area network implementation architectures are equally presented for the proposed method. The paper also took note of the prevalent challenges in the use of wireless technologies in data acquisition and provided a network energy reliability amelioration that will lead to more data reliability and accuracy. Implementation of the proposed method and its applications are presented in this paper.

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