Vol. 3, No.3 March 2014

Pages 146-191

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Variational Trends in the Concentration of Greenhouse Gases and its Impacts on the Global Climate Abstract Full Text
   Audu Moses Owoicho | Bernadette Isikwue 146-152
- Enhanced Phytoremediation Technology for Chromium contaminated Soils using Biological Amendments Abstract Full Text
   Sunitha, R | S. Mahimairaja | A. Bharani | P. Gayathri 153-162
- Parametric Regression Models in the Analysis of Breast Cancer Survival Data Abstract Full Text
   V. Vallinayagam | S. Prathap | P. Venkatesan 163-167
- Calibration of a Gamma-Ray Spectrometer using Electronic Spreadsheet Package and Dedicated Spectral Analysis   Software Abstract Full Text
   M.O. Adeleye | Y.V. Ibrahim | P.K. Kilavi 168-176
- Design and Fabrication of Groundnut (Arachis Hypogaea) Roaster cum Expeller Abstract Full Text
   Olatunde O. B | E. A Ajav | Fatukasi S.O 177-184
- Synthesis Characterization and Bioactivity of Novel Pramipexole Schift base Metal Complexes. Abstract Full Text
   T.Noorjahan Begum | R. MallikarjunaRao | A.Jayaraju | J.Sreeramulu 185-191

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