Marketing of Urban Agriculture Produce in Three Municipalities in Tanzania: Opportunities and Challenges

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Author(s) Kizito Kayanda Mwajombe | Mabebe Erasmus Ntumva
Pages 374-383
Volume 3
Issue 7
Date July, 2014
Keywords Urban Agriculture (UA), Marketing, Opportunities, Challenges, Cities

This study investigated Urban Agriculture (UA) produce marketing of three municipalities in Tanzania. Study findings show that UA farmers had no pre-arranged contracts with buyers which limited their produce marketing. UA farmers sold their produce mainly to retailers, individual consumers, wholesalers, and vendors. Farmers used various sources to get market information for their produce. Marketing problems that UA respondents faced include poor packaging, bylaws, taxes and farmers meeting consumer preferences. Other problems faced included their lack of direct link with the retailing and consumer units like supermarkets, hotels and restaurants to which they could sell their UA produce directly. UA respondents’ use of different markets was found to be statistically significant at p≤ 0.05. Municipal authorities’ liaising with Urban Agriculture and Livestock Extension Agents should assist urban farmers produce commodity associations. This will enable them to collect large volumes of produce, control quality and sell to large urban markets and consumers.

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