Kinetic Investigation of Enzymatic Synthesis of Sucrose Fatty Acid Esters from Sucrose and Non-edible Rice Bran Fatty Acid

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Author(s) Anju Yadav, R.P. Singh | Santosh K. Upadhayay | Harcourt Butler
Pages 384-390
Volume 3
Issue 7
Date July, 2014
Keywords Sucrose esters, Non-edible rice bran fatty acid Rhizomucor miehei (RMIM), hydrophile-lipophile balance (HLB)

Enzymatic synthesis of sugar fatty acid esters were performed in an organic solvent using Immobilized Rhizomucor miehei (RMIM) lipase with sucrose and non-edible rice bran fatty acid as substrates. The maximum conversion of sucrose esters up to 78% obtained when sucrose and non-edible rice bran fatty acid were reacted in molar ratio of 1:8, using n-butanol as a solvent and 1% molecular sieves with 10% enzyme by wt of substrates at 50oC for 16 hours. This sucrose ester, have hydrophile-lipophile balance (HLB) 15.3. This HLB value is in the range suitable for use in detergency and solubilizers.

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