Vol. 3, No.1 January 2014

Pages 1-92

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Use of Bifidobacterium for Treatment and Protective from Entamoeba Histolytica Infection in Mice Abstract Full Text
   Sabaa T. Mohamed 1-6
- Economic Contributions of Honey Production as a Means of Livelihood Strategy in Oyo State Abstract Full Text
   Famuyide, O.O. | Adebayo, O.|Owese, T. | Azeez, F.A. | Arabomen, O. | Olugbire, O.O | Ojo, D 7-11
- Bending Analysis of Smart Material Plates Using Higher Order Theory Abstract Full Text
   P. Ravikanth Raju | J. Suresh Kumar | M. V. Lakshmi Prakash 12-17
- Study the effect of adding powder Walnut shells on the Mechanical Properties and the flame resistance for Low Density   Polyethylene (LDPE) Abstract Full Text
   Ahmed J. Mohammed 18-22
- A study of Intra-cohort Cannibalism in Juveniles of the African Catfish, (Clarias gariepinus) under Controlled Conditions Abstract Full Text
   Obirikorang, K.A | Madkour, H.A | Adjei-Boateng, D 23-26
- Menstrual Hygiene Management in Secondary schools in Tanzania Abstract Full Text
   Ezra Guya | Aloyce W. Mayo | Richard Kimwag 27-40
- The Chemical Composition and Possible Industrial Uses of the Marble Body in Itobe Area, Central Nigeria Abstract Full Text
   M Onimisi | N.G Obaje | A Daniel 41-47
- Structural Features and Metamorphism of the Marble and Associated Rocks in Itobe Area, Central Nigeria Abstract Full Text
   M Onimisi | A Daniel 48-58
- An Analysis of ICT impact on the Curricular of Major Nigerian Universities in the Last Ten Years 2003-2013 Abstract Full Text
   Umeagukwu Emmanuel O. | Etuh Blessing Ngozi. 59-65
- Mechanical Properties of Chicken Feather and Cow Hair Fibre Reinforced High Density Polyethylene Composites Abstract Full Text
   Oladele I. O. | Omotoyimbo J. A. | Ayemidejor S. H. 66-72
- Modification of Simpson's Block Hybrid Multistep Method for General Second Order ODEs Abstract Full Text
   Zamurat Ayobami Adegboye | Ummikusum Isa Ahmed 73-77
- Cement Stabilization Characteristics of Shale Subgrade of parts of the Lower Benue Trough, Southeastern Nigeria Abstract Full Text
   Nnamdi E. Ekeocha | Enuvie G. Akpokodje 78-84

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