Modification of Simpson’s Block Hybrid Multistep Method for General Second Order ODEs

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Author(s) Zamurat Ayobami Adegboye | Ummikusum Isa Ahmed
Pages 73-77
Volume 3
Issue 1
Date January, 2014
Keywords Simpson’s method, Block method, Nyström method,First and Second Order ODEs

In this paper, we present the Simpson’s block method. The process produces Simpson’s scheme and some hybrid form which are combined together to form a block method. The method is extended to the case in which the approximate solution to a second order (special or general), as well as first order Initial Value Problems(IVPs) can be calculated using the direct method as those invented by Nyström, its A-stable, Zero-Stable, Consistent and has an implicit structure for efficient implementation. The efficiency of the method is achieved as shown in the table of results.

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